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Harelec are specialists in all areas of solar power including Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Utility Scale Solar, Hybrid Solar Systems and full Off Grid Solar Systems.

Welcome to Harelec - The REAL Solar Power Specialists
We can help you save on your power bill AND reduce your carbon footprint

Residential Solar Power Systems

Grid-connect solar is the most common form of solar system, and for many people, the best way to save on their electricity costs.

With over 4,000 residential systems installed, and 11 years of solar installation experience, Harelec have the background and longevity to ensure that when you choose Harelec for your solar installation you will have a hassle-free experience, a solar system that is value for money whilst also being safe and efficient, and reduced power bills for many years to come.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

For rural land-owners or people building new homes in remote areas, sometimes connecting your premise to grid power is exorbitantly expensive.

We are experts in off-grid solar power solutions, and can provide you with safe and reliable power 24/7, with no need to ever buy power from the grid

Commercial Solar Power Systems

Harelec has extensive experience in designing and installing commercial and industrial solar energy systems. This experience includes significant project work for Councils, Water & Sewerage Treatment Plants, Aquatic Centres, TAFEs, hospitals, restaurants, registered clubs, shopping centres, schools, and more.

Our solar team will analyse your current power consumption and assess the available space on your roof. Based on this information, we can then design a system; using reliable, quality components, that will provide you with the best possible return on investment

Utility Scale Solar Power Systems

At Harelec, we are also experienced in the design, construction and ongoing management of large scale solar power plants, and the administration of power supply under PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

We can help you with a large-scale plant (>1MW), in Australia or the Pacific Islands. We can discuss options for Engineer, Procure, Construct contracts or Build, Own, Operate contracts, and we have the resources to provide a solution to suit you. 


Harelec - The Solar Power Specialists

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