Off Grid Solar Power Solutions

If you are building a new home in a rural or remote area with no existing access to grid power, then you would likely be well aware of the costs associated with connecting your home to the grid. Having a new transformer installed, along with a power pole and overhead or underground lines could potentially cost upwards of $60,000.

Here at Harelec, we are specialists in off-grid solar systems, which can provide you with reliable power 24/7, in many cases for much less than the cost of connecting to the grid. We exclusively use the  SMA Sunny Island & Sunny Boy inverters for our off-grid systems. These are highly efficient and extremely reliable, and with over 60 systems installed across NSW and QLD, our knowledge and experience with this product is significant.

Whilst we have in the past coupled these inverters with various lead-acid and gel batteries, we are now pleased to offer BYD Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which have many benefits, including lower cost, longer life expectancy, higher energy density (meaning they take up much less room) and much greater depth of discharge.

What sets us apart from other solar providers is that we build our inverter/ battery units in our workshop, and they are pre-wired, tested and commissioned before we bring them to your home for installation. Not only does this cut down the time that we're required to be on site, but it also ensures that the system is operating smoothly in advance, and minimises any 'teething problems' that can occur.

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