Corowa 416kW Solar PV Generation Project

The Corowa Shire Council solar project was awarded to Harelec Services in March 2014, after a comprehensive tender process, managed by the Council and independent consultants Coronium. The tender process included site visits, preliminary design, communication with the Network Service Provider, and communication with both the Council and the Coronium Consultants.

Assessment of tender submissions included a detailed analysis of our proposed products, installation methodologies, personnel, experience, management systems, and resources.

The project involved the Engineering design, procurement and construction of 416kW over 14 sites.

Corowa Civic Centre  100kW roof mount
Corowa Sewerage Treatment Plant 16.5kW ground mount
Corowa Water Filtration Plant 100kW ground mount
Corowa Council Depot   10.5kW roof mount
Corowa Museum   2kW roof mount
Corowa Swimming Pool  2kW roof mount
Mulwala Sewerage Treatment Plant 50kW ground mount
Mulwala Water Filtration Plant   100kW ground mount
Mulwala Civic Centre 8.5kW roof mount
Mulwala Museum 2kW roof mount
Howlong Water Filtration Plant & Council Depot 16.5kW roof mount
Howlong Community Health Centre 4kW roof mount
Howlong Swimming Pool 2kW roof mount
Howlong Resource Centre  2kW roof mount

A key deliverable for the project was that practical completion be achieved by the 30th June 2014, completion of all projects sites in less than 3 months.

The Construction Phase of the project commenced on April 14th 2014. Practical completion was achieved prior to the required date of 30th June, with all systems connected and generating power before this date. Works were completed by Harelec’s skilled and experienced project team, with only minor assistance from sub-contractors for surveying and other secondary services.

At the time of system design, Harelec reported the anticipated annual production of the 14 systems to be 638,886kWh. In the first 12 months after practical completion, as a direct result of effective design and technology choices, the actual production of the 14 systems was 711,033kWh or 72,147kWh better than anticipated.


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